Five for Friday

Hello All!  This is our first link-up!  Here are our Five for Friday things.

1. We’re blogging now!  We decided to create our blog this week to share some of our ideas and happenings from the classroom and connect with all you great teachers out there! 

2. It was our 100th Day of School this week!  I think the kiddos thought they were done with school at 100, because they got wigglier and wigglier as the week went on!

3. Now that it is February, we took down some past projects.  This meant goodbye to our cute New Year’s Kids.  Now it’s time for our kiddos to share these New Year’s goals with their families.

4. We also took down our How To writing.  This was How To Make a Snowman.  Our kiddos partnered up to generate these writing pieces.

5.  Now we have room for our great Non-Posters to display for now.  Our kiddos selected a non-ficiton text of their choice and created a poster to represent facts found in their books.  


  1. Welcome to blogging! Glad I found you through the Five for Friday linky. This week was our 100th day of school as well, and my kids were super crazy on Wednesday! We also made informational posters this week as well! They turned out awesome. Looks like your posters did as well!

    Blooming In First

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We will make sure to visit your page. It looks like we are teaching the same things!

  2. Your new blog is super cute! I just found you! I can't wait to follow your new blogging adventures! :)

  3. Great, we are glad you found us! Looking forward to visiting your blog as well! Have a great week!

  4. My kids were the same way on the 100th day. They acted like now they were done with school. Only 80 more to go!
    The Hive

  5. ...and Valentine's Day made them excited all over again! Just checked out your blog, I need to try the pencil sharpener you're having so much luck with! ;)