Shapes, Shapes, and More Shapes!

Whew!  We have been working on our Shapes Unit for over a month now!  We’re not used to spending so much time on this math topic.  We have been looking for ways to strengthen some of our lessons and came along this great book!  Perfect Square by Michael Hall tells the story of a square who gets ripped, shattered, torn and more to be created into a piece of art.  The story led to a great activity where our kiddos had to take a square of construction paper, destruct it, and create a new picture using all the parts of their original square.  Here are some samples from our kiddos: 
Do you have any great books about Shapes that lends itself to a shape related activity?  We would love to build our collection for this unit!


  1. Thamks for sharing this book. I've never heard of it before. I've used The Greedy Triangle to talk about how shapes can be turned into different shapes, and The Wings on a Flea by Ed Embereley which shows that shapes can be found in different objects like the wheels on a train, etc.
    Cute activity!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. We love The Greedy Triangle. I had never heard of the The Wings on a Flea, I will check that out soon!