Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday 3.15.13 (including a Freebie!)

It’s Friday!  I think the kiddos were as relieved as we were!  It's time to LINK UP!

 Here are our 5 highlights of the week! 

1. In honor of it being March 15th, we are throwing a 15% off sale this weekend on all products in our TpT store!  We hope you are able to find things that work for your classroom!  {Click on the balloons to shop!} 

2.  Speaking of our TpT store, we have a new product this week!  “Spring has Sprung!” is a Common Core aligned literacy activity packet that includes:
-Spring acrostic poem template (color version and black and white version)
-Brainstorming about Spring using the Alphabet
-Brainstorming about Spring using the Senses (boy version and girl version)
-Read the Room with the word Spring
-Reading Response worksheet (bug book version and rabbit book version, but can be used for general reading purposes as well)
-Bear Snores On and Bear Wants More predicting the setting activity
-Bear Snores On and Bear Wants More compare and contrast activity
-Duck! Rabbit! opinion and class voting activity
-Duck! Rabbit! Nonfiction activity
-Take home rabbit activity (a rabbit that goes home with each student in the class; the students write a journal entry about their time with the rabbit, as well as, work on question prompts that can go with any Spring book)
-Spring egg hunt activity (students hunt for eggs that contain question prompts; literacy, math, and science question prompts included)
**One great thing about this packet…very little teacher preparation is required!**

Click below for 1 activity from the “Spring has Sprung!” literacy activity packet:

3.The biggest highlight of our week was our Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf adventure.  Both of us had our friendly Leprechaun visitors this week!  Larry (in Sarah’s class) and Lucky (in Tamra’s class) kept the kiddos on their toes!  He was there to look for kindness and hard work; it’s great how far a little incentive can carry a class of first graders!  We passed out gold coins and awards each day and students kept a journal to write about the special visitor.  Today we concluded our adventure with Larry and Lucky leaving behind “gold” and a few other prizes for the kiddos!  Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf was just what we needed to help the students remember to use self control and to help them focus on their learning during this crazy time of year! Here’s a few snippets of the week:

The kiddos mapped out  (we are working on mapping in SS right now) all the places the Leprechaun was throughout the week: 

Lucky in Tamra’s class left a message today on the SMART Board (it’s so hard to disguise your own handwriting by the way):
 Lucky and Larry had some pretty unique hiding places:

4.  The students made life size Leprechauns!  We used a picture of their faces and they made the body with construction paper.  How cute are they as Leprechauns!?!  

Inside they wrote why they were “lucky.” First graders write the cutest things!
“I am lucky because my family thinks I’m special!”

5.  We always love a great Literacy connection!  This week we read The Lorax and The Curious Garden.  The Curious Garden is a book we stumbled onto last year and we LOVED it!  It is about a boy that turns his drab city into a beautiful garden.  The pictures are amazing and the storyline is just great.  If you haven’t ever read this book; it’s one you’ll want to find and read to your kiddos!  To connect the 2 stories, the students wrote about what they’d do if they found the last “truffula seed”, as well as, what would happen if the “truffula seed” went into the Curious Garden (we used sunflower seeds for the “truffula seeds” and feathers for their trees).  Their responses were so creative.  We were impressed!  
This example says:  “If I found the last truffla seed I would keep it in a locket.  My truffula seed could go in the Curious Garden and it would grow butterflies would be everywhere."

 This example says:  “If I found the last truffla seed I would keep it in a crate with dirt.  My truffula seed could go in the Curious Garden and its fruit could grow orange flowers .”
Whew! What a week!  We hope you enjoy your weekend!  See you next Friday! 


  1. I am sooooo going to have to do the Leprechaun on a Shelf next year! Love the idea, but can't celebrate holidays in my classroom this year. :( Thanks for sharing your creativity! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We understand not being able to celebrate with certain classes. We hope you have a nice week!