Mentor Text Monday #1: Literacy Texts

Kimberly at Funky First Grade Fun is having a mentor text linky.  This week is literary texts.  We love this idea!  We’re always interested in hearing about strong texts to go with lessons we do in the classroom.  We hope to see lots of other bloggers linking up so we can get a good list of books to look for! 

Our literary texts to share this week are The Raft by Jim LaMarche and Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz

 The Raft is a great story about a boy who visits his grandmother for the summer.  At first, he is unhappy about this trip, but slowly he discovers the wonders of nature that surround his grandma’s house and begins to enjoy his visit.  We love this book for doing our lesson on Character Development and we analyze how the main character changes throughout the book.

Storm in the Night is a book we’re just using this week during our Authors as Mentors unit in writing.  This book is a strong model of how authors use the senses to describe what is going on in the story.  We have our kiddos use a recording sheet, separated by senses, to document how the author uses each sense in the story.  Keep a look out for this recording sheet….we’re going to post it as a freebie soon!

Head over to Funky First Grade Fun to check out some recommendations and/or add your own!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I'm definitely going to get a copy of The Raft. It will be perfect for the grandparents tea that my class is doing in April.
    Funky First Grade Fun

  2. You will really like this book and your kiddos will too!

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