Thursday, March 28, 2013

Powerful Products Linky

Here is a fun little linky from Jess at I (Heart) Recess!  You talk about a product from a blog or TpT and share how you’ve used it in the classroom.  We like this idea because we find seeing an idea in action in the classroom leads us to be more inclined to try it ourselves!  Luckily, there are lots of blogs that do that!!

Throughout the year, we have a resource that has been very valuable to our reading instruction.   These comprehension packs from Lindsey at The Teacher Wife have integrated into our strategy lessons wonderfully!  

Here are some pictures from Tamra’s room (she organized them so they can hang all year!):

We have found these comprehension organizers and activities to be a great fit for   our 1st graders to understand and complete the tasks.  They can be used in various settings: whole group, small groups or independently during their Daily 5 rotations.  The organizer sheets can be modified for all levels of learners – kiddos can draw their answer or write about their answers.  Check these packs out and see how they might fit into your comprehension instruction!


  1. I love Lindsey's Reading Comprehension packs as well - such a great resource to have in the classroom to support learners.

    I love seeing how other people incorporate them into their classrooms/lessons, so thanks for sharing some photos and ideas!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. She did a great job, it's very comprehensive. We also love seeing how other people use the products they find through blogs and TpT in their classrooms. Thank you for stopping by! We will head your way!

  3. What a great resource! Thanks for linking up!


    1. Can you send me your email so I can send you ladies my Bio in a bag for participating? Thanks :)