Successful Saturday Linky!

This evening we are linking up with The Lower Elementary Cottage for a Successful Saturday linky!  It’s easy…just tell something that has been a success for you in your classroom this week!

Our celebration this week is a strategy that has proven successful for our students that need to work on their writing skills; a pen pal journal.  We write them a letter each day that asks them a question, as well as, gives positive praise.  At home, they write us a couple of sentences back (with the idea that they are practicing sentence structure, spelling, conventions, etc…).  We make sure the kiddo and their parents know that the pen pal journal is meant to be quick and relatively painless!  We are so proud of our students that have been diligent about writing us, practicing their writing skills each time!
Below is an example to show you just how easy this strategy is…

On that same note, a home-school connection writing piece that works great for students of all writing abilities is our Family Message Journals.  Each week the students write to their family based on a prompt.  Their family writes them back over the weekend.  The kiddos love reading their messages!  Family Message Journals are available in our TpT and TN stores!

We wish you much success in the coming weeks!


  1. Hi ladies! You won My Little Book of April Words, but forgot to leave your e-mail address so I can send it to you!

    And you guys have the cutest site, I am your newest proud follower! I'm always impressed by teachers who run a blog/store as a duo. I'm co-teaching this year for the 1st time, and I'm learning a lot about good communication!

    Teaching's a Hoot

    1. Thanks! We are glad to have you join us! It's great to have a buddy to do this with!

  2. I just love that idea! I have two little guys who I think would be really motivated by this strategy! I think I may even try to start it with them this week. Thanks for the great idea and for linking up with Successful Saturday! Don't forget, you were in the top 3 to link up, so you get to pick anything you want from my TPT store. Just email me your request!
    The Lower Elementary Cottage

    1. I think your kiddos will like it just like ours do! We will email you soon! Thanks for hosting the Saturday linky!