Workshop Wednesday: Favorite Writing Mini-Lesson

Hi all!  We're linking up with Jivey for Workshop Wednesday.  It's a quick post...we are super tired!! - and it's only Wednesday :(.  This week our kiddos have been really chatty and unable to follow directions well.  Yikes!  Last week after spring break went so well....

Anyways, one of our favorite writing mini-lessons is for dialogue.  We use this lesson to help our kiddos understand what dialogue using dialogue in their writing is still a work in progress ;).  This lesson is really fun!  It uses the Pigeon books by Moe Willems.  Students love to identify with this guy and we love how great they can show the expressions of the pigeon from the books.  After reading through the books, we create a poster (found on Pinterest) to list the dialogue from the Pigeon and also focus on the manner which he was delivering the dialogue (this is where their great expressions come in handy).

After creating the poster, students work on their generating their own dialogue with a magazine pictures.  It is so fun to see what they come up with!

Earth Day Freebie

We wanted to share an Earth Day freebie to go along with our Wonderful World class book.  This is one of our favorite projects to do in our classrooms and we’ll be starting it soon!  After each kiddo has a part in creating the book, we’ll get it ready to send home to our families for a night.  The kiddos love to hear the comments our families write about our work!