Manic Monday 4.22.13 {and a New Product!}

Happy Monday to all of you!  
We are linking up for another Manic Monday!  This week our FREEBIE is 1 activity out of our newest product in our store; Math Bags!  It is a measurement activity in which the students have to measure the trails left by a bee.  We have included 2 versions; one for use with a ruler (standard unit of measurement) and the other for use with other tools to measure; links, cubes, and paperclips (non standard units of measurement).  This way you can pick the version that best fits your classroom needs.  

As mentioned above this FREEBIE is one part of our newest product; Math Bags!  

We have been using Math Bags for years and have seen a lot of great things come from them. When we created these, we wanted a system in which the students could work on independent math activities while we met with students in small groups.  We didn't want to:
1.  change math centers ever week/ 2 weeks
2.  always use so much colored ink (which is often paid for by teachers)
So...these Math Bags are good to use for 9 weeks AND can be made with just a black/white printer and colored card stock!  

What are Math Bags?
Basically, Math Bags are 12 math activities that can be done independently.  We try to hit each strand within each set of Math Bags.  Each Math Bag is designed so that it can be done by one student or a pair of students.  We want the Math Bags to be engaging but also at a skill level where students can work independently.    

Our kiddos love them and we love them too because they are so easy to make and manage! 

You should check them out if  you are looking for a "center" type approach to your math instruction block.  

Before signing off; check out Literacy Mom of 3's blog post about us!  We were so excited to be a part of her Sensational Saturday post!  Her blog has great freebies often and neat information for us all to learn from.  

Have a great Monday!


  1. Thanks for sharing this freebie and telling us a bit about your math bags. I create math bags, but they are take-home math activities (usually games) that each student has for about a week. Most are designed to practice basic skills, but some include books about math.
    Tricia - Bookish Ways in Math and Science

    1. That sounds like a neat idea to send the Math Bags home. I'm sure your families love that. Thanks for stopping by.