Friday, May 17, 2013

Five for Friday 5.17.13

It's Friday; time to link up!

Each year one of our first grade homework projects is a "Shape Book Report."  Students have to choose their favorite book and a scene from that book.  They create that scene using shapes.  We tell them to be as creative as possible and to use any materials they'd like.  These projects never disappoint!!   Look how creative our families got...

Our spelling list this week contains contractions.  Contractions can be tricky to teach.  Sarah found this fun idea.  They turned out really cute!  

We are lucky to have an enrichment program in the primary grades at our school called KIT Club (Kids Into Thinking).  Each year we have a KIT mom (or two!) that comes to our class on a weekly basis and works with a group of students that we feel need enrichment.  It is such a neat experience for the kids and the volunteer.  We always end up with the greatest moms!  This week 2 of our KIT Clubs had completed their final projects.  One of our KIT Club groups finished up their Living Organisms unit and created these dioramas....

And another of our KIT Club groups finished up their unit on Rocks by creating these "rock pets," complete with stories to go with them....

Do you have KIT Club or something similar at your school?

We are studying Living Organisms; we started off with plants.  We did the celery and carnation food color surely remember this one from your grade school days, right?!?  We also planted seeds and the kiddos are looking forward to tracking their growth (now let's hope that they do grow). 

We are studying fractions in Math.  We found a great book called My Half Day and shared it on Sunday through the Collaboration Cuties Mentor Text Linky.  We included a fun fraction activity to go along with the book. Students had to take a fraction and turn it into something else. It worked so well in our classrooms we wanted to share it again and show a couple of examples.  

This student wrote...
First it was a rectangle cut in half and now it is an old house AND
First it was a circle cut into thirds and now it is a lunch tray
First it was a rectangle cut into fourths and now it is beds from a birds eye view (I think this student paid close attention to our mapping unit!!!)   AND
First it was a square cut in half and now it is a something you can't do sign 

There were so many cute ideas.  If you'd like to try this activity, you can get it for free below (check out Lucky to Be in First for some other great freebies too!!!).  


In closing, it's such a busy time of year!!!! This weekend we will be working on our Superlative awards.  If you need a set of Superlative Awards for your class, head on over to our TpT store.  There are 33 awards in all and each one is guaranteed to make your kiddos feel special and successful!   The first 2 people to tell us how many days are left in their school year will get this for free!  (Don't forget to leave your email address!) 

Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. That's not that many! We will send the awards your way!

  2. OOps... forgot to leave my e-mail.

  3. Only 14 days left for us! Shari

    1. We hope they go well! We will send the awards your way!

  4. I love your shape books! I am going to do that next year!
    First Grade Funtastic

    1. They always turn out very well and it's neat to see all the materials they use and how they represent their books!

  5. Your shape books are darling! We made contraction caterpillars and rock pets earlier this year also.

    For the Love of First Grade

    1. Thank you! Neat, sounds like we are on the same page!

  6. I love the book reports! What a great way to get parents and families involved! We just finished our fraction unit and your activities look fantastic! :) Even though I'm too late, I have 12 days to go!

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook

    1. Yes, we love that the families work together too. I think our kiddos enjoyed learning about fractions. 12 can totally do that!!!

  7. I LOVE your fraction fun paper - we used it this week during math! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm dying over the rock pets - those are awesome!

    Have a fab weekend, ladies!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Good, we are glad it worked well. The rock pets turned out so cute, didn't they?!?

  8. Your shape book reports are clever! They turned out so cute! :)
    Ms. Shope's Class

  9. The shape project idea is great! I pinned it! Also, your kids' contraction kites are so cute.

    Thanks for sharing! You always have so many great ideas!

    Compassionate Teacher

  10. Contraction kites, very cute. I also love the shape projects as well. It's always fun to see what families come up with.
    Have a great week.

    School Is a Happy Place