Five for Friday 5.3.13


It's FRIDAY, so it's time to link up!   Here are our 5 tidbits from the week:

1.  We have been teaching all about Summarizing this week!  Thank goodness for Pinterest when it comes to this strategy.  Such a hard one for 1st grade kiddos to catch onto!  However, with the use of this pin, our kiddos really "got it!!!"

                                                                The "Pin"

We made these "Summarizing Hands" to put in the student's Daily 5 buckets and take home books.  If you'd like a free copy, click on the picture below! 

We also did these flip charts to help teach Summarizing; the top picture is the original flip chart we pinned and the bottom pictures are our classroom examples: 


Sarah made this quick anchor chart with her class and it went great as well (anytime you use post it notes kids are happy, right?!?):

We found several mentor texts for summarizing by cruising Pinterest and blogs; here are the books we used that worked well...

2.  Flat Stanley Update!  If you've visited us on previous Five for Friday posts, you know that we are in the middle of our Flat Stanley adventures.  Well, last week we had a letter come all.the.way.from.France; and the letter was even written in French!  Great idea...but we had a little trouble reading it!  

Look how many we have now! 

3.  We have 2 new products in our store that we are pretty excited about! 

The first one, End of Year Fun, is a collection of over 20 activities (reading, language, writing, and math) that are provide an opportunity for students to review the information they've learned throughout the year, but in a fun and engaging way.  The activities are a summer / beach theme and we tried to incorporate as many "hands on" projects as possible.  Our kiddos are definitely getting the "wiggles" already so we are looking forward to using some of the activities SOON!  

The second one, Word Work: A BIG Resource of Phonics, Word Families, and Spelling Work, was a true labor of love!!! As we moved into CC Standards this year, we had a gap in materials for Spelling and Phonics practice.  Throughout the year we've been creating weekly work to study our Phonics practice.  Now, we're ready to share this resource of over 400 pages!  This resource can be used whole group or small group and also works as a word work center.  There are 28 phonics patterns included; all of which have 2 differentiated spelling list (a basic list and a challenge list), 4 tasks for each pattern to spread across the week, header cards, and large alphabet cards for Making Words.

4.  Speaking of our store; we have a big sale that runs through tomorrow:

5.  We have started getting ready for Mother's Day in our classrooms.  Each year, we have the kiddos fill out these "letters."  They write the cutest, funniest, most endearing, silliest, and quirkiest things.  They make you smile and cry at the same time.  If you need a quick, simple writing activity to celebrate the moms in your student's lives, you can grab a copy of this by clicking on the picture.  

(fonts  //  graphics)

A cute example...

Have a GREAT weekend!  


  1. Ooo, I love My Lucky Day! Great story! I love all of the Somebody wanted but so then that you did with your class! Summarizing is so hard!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. It was such a cute book. Summarizing is so hard, you're right. I don't think I've ever taught it like I should have, these ideas helped so much!!!

  2. Love your Flat Stanley display! So fun!
    Ms. Shope's Class

  3. You girls always have such good ideas- I find myself pinning ideas from your blog every week! Summarizing is such a challenge to teach, especially to 1st graders, and I'm thinking your anchor chart, etc will be a great resource. Thanks a bunch!

    Learning to the Core

  4. Thanks for pinning us!! Our kiddos really got a good idea of summarizing with our activities this week. Also, we're hoping if they keep the summarizing hand in their book boxes and practice using it during read to self, they will get into the routine of retelling stories that way for running records.

    :) Tamra and Sarah