Organizing and Summer Bucket Lists

Whew!!  It is so easy to get caught up in this end of the year rush!  Thankfully, Tamra does a great job keeping on top of Five for I am doing my part in catching up with some linkys!  It is so nice having Monday off...I feel I can be so much more productive.  Hope you're all off to a great long weekend as well!  Looking forward to those carefree summer days!
:) Sarah

LOVE this linky!!  Here are some of our favorite organizational tools.

With Common Core we've been digging through our old resources to find what we can still use and adding LOTS of new resources!  We definitely have some organizing to do after the kiddos leave!  We ready to get inspired by the posts to this linky!

And now, our Summer Bucket Lists!


  1. You girls are ROCKING out the organization over there! Please, Pleade, Please, come help me with mine! I will buy fajitas and margaritas afterward!!

  2. I love those boxes for mentor texts. They are the perfect size. Where did they come from? Thanks for linking up.

    Fun in Room 4B

    1. Hello there,
      They were boxes that new laptops came in. Try googling "self locking mailing boxes" and you may find something similar. :)
      Tamra and Sarah

  3. My big plans are to organize as well! My basement storage (where everything gets piled) and my classroom! We will see if it gets done! :) Good luck with yours! Looks like you have a great start!

  4. I need to organize my mentor texts also...thanks for the box idea! Also, love your cute buckets!

    Two Friends In First

  5. Those notepads look awesome! Thanks for linking up with us!! :)

    1. They are!! You can find them at Target and Michaels (for only $1). They are just great. Thanks for hosting!