An Apple A Day Linky: Whole Group Instruction

Here are some views of our classrooms during whole group instruction and some tools we use!
Our Whole Group Area
We meet in front of the whiteboard for most of our whole group lessons. 

We do LOTS of anchor charts using our easels.  We love using sticky notes to have all kiddos participating in our whole group lesson.

We use our SMART Board for whole group lessons all the time!  They are another great way to get all kiddos involved in the lesson!

Finally, we use whiteboards and dry erase markers often. 

Thanks for taking a peek into our classroom during whole group instruction time!!


  1. I use dry erase boards all the time too. They are so useful and the kids enjoy them.

    I like the idea of using sticky notes on anchor charts. I should do that more.

    Have a great week!

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. We love them and they can be a motivator for participation! :)

  2. I just love anchor charts and sticky notes too! I can't imagine teaching without creating them regularly!
    Learning to the Core

  3. This is a great post! Don't forget that you'll be featured on my blog Tuesday!
    :) Dana
    Common to the Core
    (formerly Fun in 1st Grade)

  4. That is one PACKED carpet!!!! Love whiteboards and so jelly of your smartboard. Only 6 classrooms at my school have them and I am unfortunately not one of them. Thanks for linking up!

    The Applicious Teacher

    1. SMART Boards are great. I didn't have one before and now I can't imagine teaching without one again. Maybe soon you'll get one???