Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently and Some Other Fun Linkys!

Whew!  Busy Saturday today!  We've been up to projects and just logged on to Bloglovin' to see that the blog world has been active today!  Currently is already out!  And we wanted to link up with Optimum Organization and Saturday Snapshots!

 First, we are linking up with Farley for our July Currently!

Sarah's Currently

Next, we wanted to share a Pinterest find for Optimum Organization.  We love this monthly newsletter set up!  We're really thinking of doing this for the coming school year!  Usually our grade level team creates a weekly newsletter together, but it is tedious doing this EVERY WEEK!  We think this layout would be great for helping parents look ahead too!

Lastly, we wanted to link up with Miss Nelson for her new linky Saturday Snapshots

Sarah's been up to painting some bedrooms in the house.  Here are some before and after pics.
Changed out the plain white plastic switch plates for a silver metal one.

Painted over the yellowish cream color for a great gray shade!

Got rid of the gold door knobs for silver ones!

Tamra's Snapshots
I have been taking a lot of walks with my little one...

Who you can tell has a teacher for a mom because even when she plays trains, she sets them up at "circle time" and says, "children, do your work!"

I also finally found a pair of grey...(not silver)...peep toe....pumps to wear in my little sisters wedding.  It was harder than I thought to find that combination!  This is what I ended up with...

Happy Weekend to All of You! 


  1. Ha! I guess we are on the same schedule tonight- super excited it was you girls who linked up with Farley right after me (though I'd read yours anyway since I read ALL your awesome posts). :) I love both of the tips/tricks you said- I'm all about to-do lists all the time and I also appreciate when learning objectives are connected to the activities- make it so much simpler to make sure the product meets the standards you want it to address!
    Hope you continue to have a productive weekend!
    Learning to the Core

    1. Hey, Aylin! Thanks for stopping by! We will try to keep working hard! :)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through the Optimum Organization Linky! I have always done a weekly newsletter, as well. But, this looks very reader friendly...hmmmm..another thing to add to my To Do list?! I will definitely check it out! I also need To Do Lists!! They keep me focused, especially in the summer!!
    Can't wait to read more of your blog..I am your newest follower!

    Beth :)

    A Kindergarten Life For Me

    1. Thanks for becoming our follower! We will head your way!

  3. I LOVE those shoes! I also replaced all my door knobs with silver...couldn't stand the brass ones. I agree on making To-do lists! Sometimes I feel like I have a list for my list!
    Polka Dot Kinders

    1. Thank you, Sara! Ha, we feel the same way!

  4. Those shoes are darling! Love all of the pics. Thanks for linking up

    1. Thanks so much. We appreciate you stopping by!

  5. Great tip for the Organizational link up! I'm moving to a monthly/beginning of each unit newsletter, too. You are right weekly newsletters are tedious and I've found that parents don't tend to read them if they are that frequent. (I'm also speaking as a parent myself on that comment...). Thanks for linking up with us again :)

    Fun in Room 4B

    1. We do think it will be very helpful to have all the information at one time. Hopefully they read it if it's just 1 newsletter! :)