Throwback Thursday and a Weekend Deal

This week for Throwback Thursday we're going back to some of the work we did this past school year with Shapes.  Check out some activities we did, grab a freebie at the end, and see what's up for our weekend deal!

** Originally Posted February 2013 **

Whew!  We have been working on our Shapes Unit for over a month now!  We’re not used to spending so much time on this math topic.  We have been looking for ways to strengthen some of our lessons and came along this great book!  Perfect Square by Michael Hall tells the story of a square who gets ripped, shattered, torn and more to be created into a piece of art.  The story led to a great activity where our kiddos had to take a square of construction paper, destruct it, and create a new picture using all the parts of their original square.  Here are some samples from our kiddos: 
We have completed our unit on Shapes in Math.  Our students made “Geoanimals” using 3D shapes they had brought from home (things like cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, birthday hats, etc.)!  The kids loved creating something unique from things that would’ve been thrown away!

 I Spy Shapes!  We continued our work with shapes this week.  One unique way we evaluated student knowledge of shapes was through this I Spy activity.  We handed out large I Spy books to partner groups and directed them to find as many examples of 2-D and 3-D shapes as they could.  This activity can be found in a shape packet we’ll post on TpT next week.  Keep a look out for it!!
 Now, for our weekend deal...our Shapebots Packet will be 50% off this weekend!


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  2. The Perfect Square activity is just awesome! Encouraging creativity while learning Math. Your kiddos did very well, too. So cute!

    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Thank you! Our kiddos loved learning about shapes this year; that's for sure!