An Apple a Day Linky: Supplies and Organization

For Leigh's link-up this week, we're piecing together a bit from some older posts.  So, for organization, we love our 'Learning Wall'.  This spot in the room is where we posted all of our objectives for the week.  It was also a great place to post student work!  We thought we'd re-share some pics and add a few new ones!

This was a great place to refer kiddos to if they needed to review something we were learning in class.  At our school, we have to display our learning objectives for the week.  Keeping this 'Learning Wall' together was a great place to put these.  Also, we got lots of compliments from Admin this year when they came through our rooms for walk throughs!

Here are some ways we organize our teaching materials.

Our favorite teacher supplies:


  1. you two are just too cute! LOVE those book boxes! I keep all my books and seasonal stuff in labeled tubs as well! Thanks for linking up!

    The Applicious Teacher

  2. Those boxes are awesome! Where did you get them?

    1. Sarah got them from her old school; they were keyboard boxes.

    2. Kathleen, you can also find them online and at office stores by looking for self-locking mailing boxes. :)