Fabulous Freebies on the 15th!

Molly's linky is perfect timing to share what we've been working on!  A while back we found a great graphic artist on Etsy.  The store is called The Paper Pegasus.  The artist is great!! We've communicated with her and bought a whole bunch of backgrounds and such!  

So, we've used the backgrounds here and there, but we've really been tucking them away for now....to make a Teacher Toolkit!  Our Teacher Toolkit has all sorts of things to get teachers organized and help them stay organized!  Below are two samples from our first toolkit using chevron backgrounds.  Click on the pics to download them.

The complete Teacher's Toolkit is here in our TpT store!


  1. Your toolkit is amazing! I love the monthly planner. Maabe that will keep me a little more on track this year! Hope you're enjoying summer!

    Lucky to Be in First