Thursday, July 18, 2013

Teaching Phonics Linky

Wow!  Melissa at First Grade Smiles has a great overview of how she teaches phonics in her classroom!  You NEED to check it out!!  It is very thorough!  We thought we'd link up to share some additional resources we use in the classroom.  This year will be implementing a new phonics curriculum our district adopted, Letterland.  We're not too sure what to think yet...we've had a quick "unpacking" training with an overview and materials included in the program.  I'm sure we'll be reflecting on it often this year!

So it seems like Letterland will be taught as one of our mini lesson times during Daily 5.  A lot of it is oral and practice through a teacher-lead routine.  We'll need some of our other resources for students to have some independent phonics practice.  Our big tool this year is the Word Work packet we made last year.
We'll use this for morning work or word work time. 

At the end of the year, we had a centers day with some free time in the word work activities.  The kiddos loved it!  This is definitely an important part of our phonics practice.  Our kiddos take their spelling list with them to choose a word work activity.  Our Word Work packet has differentiated spelling lists.
And since well all know our kiddos LOVE games, we created these skill practice games for whole group or small group.

Finally, as Melissa said, we've got to remember phonemic awareness.  We used this program this year in our grade level and all of us teacher loved it!  It really helped our Dibels scores. :)
Whew!  It's a busy year for building and reinforcing these foundational skills! 


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