Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday and Weekend Deal

Time for Throwback Thursday!!  This Thursday, we're throwing back to one of our most favorite units to teach: Economics!  As part of our unit we have a factory day and a shopping day.  Check out there old post below!

** Original Post from March 29, 2013 **
This week we completed our Economics unit.  We set up a class cookie factory to teach “division of labor” and “quality vs. quantity.”  Every year it’s a student favorite! We divide the students into 2 groups; a factory that uses division of labor (assembly line) and a factory that has no rules or guidance.  It’s always so neat to see the difference in how the cookies turn out.  See below!  

Another engaging activity we did this week to conclude our Economics unit was a classroom store.  At our classroom store we sell goods and services.  The students have to make the goods and provide the services!  They even have to make a sign to put up in their shop (they get so creative!!!).  This is one of our favorite activities in first grade! 

Both of the activities above (the factory and store) are a part of our "Economics in the Primary Grades" packet!
 A couple more examples of our use of this packet...

How cute is this: "A haircut is a service provided by a haircut girl." 

Vocabulary cards (designed to look like stores) are included to make anchor charts or to hang around the room!

Click here for a freebie from our Economics packet:

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