Back to School Already?!

Well, this has been a hard week...  we've been going to school off and on.  Tomorrow is the official start for teachers.  We can't believe it is already here!  So we've been pretty consumed with starting to prep our classrooms and materials for the beginning of the year and hanging to the last moments of our summer!  We've just seen Jivey's Wishlist Share and want to link up!

Our number one wishlisted item is our Math Bags Pack.  We've got 30 math centers for the year in this packet!  People have been loving how easy it is to assemble and get set up with kiddos!  Check out our freebie from the pack!

Our second most wishlisted item is our First Grade Homework Shape Up Pack.  We've got reading, language, and math homework for the year in this packet.  People love the differentiated reading passages, mixed math review, and the addition of bubble responses to practice for testing!  Check out our freebie from the pack!

It was hard to just pick ONE item from our wish list to share....but we just had a training today and found we were going to have a big push on graphic organizers for next year.  We love this pack of foldable 3-D graphic organizers - it's a great, different approach to graphic organizers!

Teacher Week '13: Meet the Teacher

Hi all!  We're linking up with lots of great teachers and bloggers over at Blog Hoppin' for our first Teacher Week!  Here's a bit about us!


This is my 10th year teaching!  Mostly, I have been in 1st grade and I LOVE it!!  I grew up in Ohio, but moved to Florida and taught for 6 years.  Then, my husband and I moved to North Carolina a few years ago.  We love it here!  I have a Master's in Reading Education and reading is my FAVORITE time of the day!  I also love recess because Tamra and I always have a time to chat! 

One of my favorite parts of 1st grade:  Sweet notes and drawings from my kiddos!

Outside of school, I love spending time at home with my husband and pups.  We go for walks often!  I also enjoy doing yoga, running, cooking and baking!  Some of my favorite things are dark chocolate, Kombucha teas, Lululemon workout clothes, and cute dog collars for the pups!

I have also been teaching 10 years...every single year in First Grade.  I student taught 3rd grade and thought I loved that...until I met first grade kiddos.  Now it would be hard to convince me to change grades!  I grew up in the Midwest but we've been living in North Carolina for 7 years.  Reading is my favorite subject to teach; the growth these little guys make is incredible.  A couple of years ago I got my Masters in Reading and I earned National Board Certification (so glad that's done!).   

I have to agree with Sarah, the notes!   In what other job do you hear this: 

"What can be better than you Mrs. D.  You shine like a crystal.  You're as pretty as a diamond.  Your hair is as gold as a piece of gold.   

Outside of school I love spending time with my little family! My husband and I have an (almost) 3 year old that keeps us plenty busy.  She is curious and happy... so much energy!   We love taking walks, going to the park, visiting friends and family and vacationing at the beach.  We also have 2 Papillon dogs that keep our house a happy place to be.  When there's "downtime" I  like to read!  

I think this picture shows our little has a teacher for a mom:
"Mommy, the trains are at circle time doing their work."

Happy Teacher Week!  

Back to School Blogger Exchange

Time to link up and share the goodies we got!

I was matched to exchange with Kate from Sweet Tea and Second Grade.  She sent me some fun and colorful school supplies!!  The Post-it Notes and pens will be great for sending notes down to Tamra's room during the school year ;)

I was matched with Lindsay from Apples and Chalk Dust.   She sent me everything I need to start my year off right!  Post its...check, Pens...check, Paperclips...check, Sharpies...check, pencils...check!  I can't wait to put all these goodies in my desk at school!!!

What a fun way to start our school year!