Five for Friday 8.30.13 and a Giveaway!

It's Friday... so it's link up time!  

Starting today our entire store is 20% off in honor of Labor Day.  So head on over and take a look at our products!

We are also hosting a giveaway for one of our most popular products, First Grade Homework Shape Up!  This packet was designed to make your reading and math homework a breeze.  We blogged about it here. This packet contains 36 weekly math review pages (each page containing all of the CC strands) and 36 weekly reading fluency passages (the reading passages are even differentiated to meet the needs of all of your readers).  Comprehension questions to go along with the passages, as well as, language practice are also included.  Enter the giveaway below!

Reading Passage / Comprehension / Language Practice Example...

Mighty Math Examples...

Here are a few examples of what our customers have to say about First Grade Homework Shape Up:
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Monday was our first day of school!  We spent a lot of our day establishing routines and getting the kiddos ready to be back!

Perhaps our kiddos' favorite activity this week was making Magic Playdough; a great idea we found from A Cupcake from the Teacher.  

They also enjoyed working on our Back to School centers / activities.    

We also started setting up our Daily 5 routines this week.  We primarily focused on reading habits.  Next week we will launch "Read to Self."  

We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

First Day of School and Motivate Me Monday!

It's here!!!  Today is the First Day of School for us!!  We've got some great kiddos coming in this year and we're excited to get to know them!  Our classrooms are ready to go!

We'll probably be crashing early every night this week, so we may not be around the blogging world until we link up for Five for Friday and share what fun we had during our first week!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Thought this would be appropriate to get us started off to a GREAT school year!!

Five for Friday 8.23.13

It's Five for Friday time!!!

We are excited to be hosting a weekly linky! If you missed it last week, come on by on Monday!  "Motivate Me Monday" is a simple and quick linky where you can post a picture, quote, great story....something you find "motivating!" Anything to give us a smile on a Monday!  We look forward to seeing what you have to share!  We hope to "see you" there!

This week we had Meet the Teacher day!  We met our kiddos and were very happy with our turnout!  We had almost every family there!  Always neat to see who will be joining you for the year! We had our doors, hallway displays, and tables ready for them!  And...we were all spiffy to make a good first impression!

One of the moms brought this super cute "school supply cake!"  How fun is this...

We are lucky to have such sweet and supportive (and crafty) parents! 

This week we were in a training to learn more about mClass.  We are going to be using iPads for running records and DIBELS assessments rather than pencil/paper.  We are nervous but excited about the change.  We practiced with each other several times!

Our kiddos come MONDAY!  We have a few things left to do this weekend and then we are ready!  We will try to...

Motivate Me Monday!!

Good Morning!!  We're super excited to start our new linky party, Motivate Me Monday!  We want this to be a quick link-up just to share a little something to help us all get the week off to a great start.  Please join in with us by posting a picture, quote, great story....something you find "motivating" and helps remind us why we love teaching!  Anything to give us a smile on a Monday!  We look forward to seeing what you have to share!

Here's our bit of motivation for this today:
At least we look good for now!!  We're off to our school retreat for the day.  It tends to be rather boring unfortunetly; not a lot of time to talk to each other, rather it is crammed with lots of sitting and training :(.  Hopefully we won't look quite as bad as the end of the year owl after just today!

Mentor Text 8.18.13

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky.  This week the theme is Science.  We have changed the order of Science units we teach.  This year our first unit will be Organisms so we selected a book that we use while teaching Living and Non Living things. The book, What's Alive, is very easy for kiddos to understand.  It shows the difference between things that are living and things that are not.  The main character finds many examples.  She not only tells what is living but why she knows that it is an example of a living thing.  The pictures are great because they show many examples of things both outdoors and indoors.  

Below is a FREEBIE you can use with your students after reading the book, What's Alive.  There is a cut out and paste sorting activity and a scavenger hunt activity as well.  

Have a great week!  

Five for Friday 8.16.13

It's Friday; time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

We are really excited to announce that we are starting a linky!  This Monday we will host "Motivate Me Monday" for the first time!  We want this to be a quick link-up just to share a little something to help us all get the week off to a great start.  Please join in with us by posting a picture, quote, great story....something you find "motivating" and helps remind us why we love teaching!  Anything to give us a smile on a Monday!  We look forward to seeing what you have to share!  We hope to "see you" there!

We are officially back to school!  Yesterday and today we have been in meetings and training.    Next week we have more meetings and time in our room (Yay!).  Kiddos start on the 26th.

During our planning time last week we worked as a team to develop more rigorous lesson plans based on Common Core Standards.  We used a new format (to our school) called Learning Focused.  Do any of you have experience with this format/program?  One of the standards we addressed was RL 1.2 "Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of the their central message or lesson." Focusing on the central message part of this standard; we plan to read a variety of Kevin Henkes books to help the students understand what messages books teach you. We will use the graphic organizer below to check for student understanding.  If you'd like a free copy, click below.   And while you're at it, head on over to Lucky to Be in First for her Fabulous Freebies on the Fifteenth

We have been busy preparing for the kiddos!  Sarah made these cute glow sticks to give our students from last year that come to visit us and these fun birthday prizes for students throughout the year.  

We are looking forward to using our Back to School packet (O"fish"ally Back to School) this year.   We have been busy laminating and cutting lately!  Sometimes we even get a little bit of assistance when we are prepping materials:

We have also been prepping our monthly take home reading strategy packets.  We can't wait to start "SPARK" bags in September!  For more information, click here or here.  Tonight stay tuned to our Facebook page...there might just be a flash freebie!  :)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Back to School Already?!

Well, this has been a hard week...  we've been going to school off and on.  Tomorrow is the official start for teachers.  We can't believe it is already here!  So we've been pretty consumed with starting to prep our classrooms and materials for the beginning of the year and hanging to the last moments of our summer!  We've just seen Jivey's Wishlist Share and want to link up!

Our number one wishlisted item is our Math Bags Pack.  We've got 30 math centers for the year in this packet!  People have been loving how easy it is to assemble and get set up with kiddos!  Check out our freebie from the pack!

Our second most wishlisted item is our First Grade Homework Shape Up Pack.  We've got reading, language, and math homework for the year in this packet.  People love the differentiated reading passages, mixed math review, and the addition of bubble responses to practice for testing!  Check out our freebie from the pack!

It was hard to just pick ONE item from our wish list to share....but we just had a training today and found we were going to have a big push on graphic organizers for next year.  We love this pack of foldable 3-D graphic organizers - it's a great, different approach to graphic organizers!