Five for Friday 8.9.13

Yay!  We are happy to be back to our Five for Friday posts.  We hope you are having a great week!

Have you seen this great new Linky;  "I'm Lovin' Daily 5 on the Fifth" hosted by First Grade in Foxwell Forest?  This month you simply talk about how long you have taught using the D5 framework and the aspects you like about it!  
We have been teaching using the Daily 5 framework for several years.  We love it and our kiddos do too!  Our top ten reasons we love Daily 5:
1.  no more making centers, after centers, after centers (only to have them be destroyed)  2.  the component of choice is a win,win; kiddos get to read what they love and therefore they actually read  
3.  the structure is amazing; once the routines are set up the kiddos could definitely run your reading block without you there  4.  the slow paced start up is a lifesaver; we find that the time you take to set up D5 is totally worth it in the end  5.  the anchor charts; gotta love them!!! we like making them and the kiddos enjoy referring to them  6.  acronyms like EEK!; what kiddo wouldn't like to say that?  7.  the ability to meet with multiple small groups in a day  8.  the ability to conference with kiddos one on one (probably one of the BEST parts about D5)  9.  the "kid-friendly" language; the names of the tasks are so obvious and easy to understand  10. the time to READ, READ, READ for enjoyment and to gain information

We only have 1 week left of summer break (sigh!).  But, don't worry, we will make the most of it!  
Sarah is resting this week after a fun trip to the beach with the pups: 

Tamra is going to try to finish this book before the new year begins:

We just uploaded a new product in our store today!  We are pretty excited about it.  Families SPARKing Together is a set of monthly reading strategy homework packets. We created this to give families practice with the reading strategies that you work on throughout the year.  Often parents are unsure of the vocabulary that we are using in the classroom as it relates to reading instruction and this is a tool that will help bridge that gap.  We all know that a strong home-school connection is so important!  There are 8 packets in all with these strategies covered: Main Idea, Connections, Predictions, Inferring, Questioning, Summarizing, Mental Images, and Story Elements.  

Each packet contains an explanation page to help families understand the strategy:

As well as, 2 task cards that allow the families to practice the strategy:

Head to our FB page to grab a special sample from this new packet!!  Click the Fan Freebies tab to locate it.

Another fun product that we added to our store recently is our Junie B. Jones Reading Response Journals.  We created these so we could keep our fun Junie B. read aloud time (the kiddos LOVE this time of day) but at the same time we could require our kiddos to be actively thinking and responding to the text.  
There is a packet that contains a journal for ALL 11 first grade books (saving $):

Or... you can buy each journal separately.   This journal, for the book Junie B., First Grader (at last!),  is FREE allowing you to try it out:

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, yes, yes to all your Daily 5 comments! My favorite is giving students choices, they love it! Enjoy your last week before school starts back up :)

  2. This is our last week of summer too-and like you we are doing our best to enjoy and really savor each. and. every. moment!! I love your break down of the daily 5 and the things that you love...there are so many great reasons to truly love the daily 5! I have done my version of it for a couple of years...but I think I need to take the leap and fully jump in (giving my students choice over their centers!) I'll keep you posted! :)

    Learning to the Core

  3. It will be fun to follow along with this monthly Daily 5 linky as the school year goes along!