Motivate Me Monday!

We're coming on  a bit late this Monday to start our Motivate Me Monday.  The weekends just go too fast!!  Please join us and link up your Monday Motivation pic, quote, video, student work, etc!

Also, we wanted to share about an awesome fundraiser starting tomorrow!!  

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Have a SUPER week!

One Month In!!

Well we're a bit over one month in with our kiddos and are so glad to be settling into routines in our classroom.  This week, we'll have Daily 5 in full swing and we will finally be able to pull reading groups!  We always forget how long it takes to establish these routines at the beginning of the year, but we know taking time to do so pays off in the long run!  We've also gotten our homework packets going home and have great response from parents!  Here's a closer peek at them...

 Each Monday our kiddos get a bag with their homework packet and writing journal.  It goes home for the week and is due back on Friday.

 First page is a math review sheet.  We've included a task from each of the Common Core Math Strands.

Here's a peek inside the packet where kiddos practice fluency, reading comprehension, and language tasks.  There are 3 differentiated reading passages we assign based on reading levels.

Look at this GREAT improvement in fluency!  This kiddo was working hard!

Next up in our homework bag is the Family Message Journal.  Kiddos practice writing at home with their families.  We are encourage families to help our kiddos support their ideas in their writing as they respond to prompts.

Next, a family member responds to the prompt as well.  This kiddo had his sister (in high school) respond!  We love getting the families involved!

Here's where you can grab these tools for homework!

Some love we've gotten about the homework pack:

And we've got a freebie with a sample of the homework booklet we send home!  You can see the math page, 3 differentiated reading passages, and the reading response page!

How do you assign homework in your classroom?

Five for Friday 9.27.13

It's Link Up Time!

Here's a peek at our week:

This week we launched Word Work; which means we are SO close to being ready to have Daily 5 up and running!  The kiddos have enjoyed practicing sight words all sorts of fun ways:

Today we did an apple tasting. The kiddos tried apple slices, apple juice, applesauce, and apple cereal bars.  Of course they loved this experiment!  Most kiddos were willing to try everything! 

We used this recording sheet, if you'd like a free copy click here

We continued to work on Main Idea and Supporting Details this week.  Our students are definitely getting the concept, but it is still a bit tough!  We are still making anchor charts whole group which is helping!

We are loving our Word Work packet this year!  We found over the years that the materials we had to teach phonics left gaps in phonics instruction, so we created this packet that addressed 28 phonics patterns.  The packet contains multiple tasks for each pattern, differentiated spelling lists, and more!
Each week we do the following tasks for each pattern:

For more information, click below!

Our kiddos were SUPER excited to get pen pal letters this week!  We have partnered up with Aylin and Amanda's classrooms to write each other once a month.  Our kiddos were jumping for joy when they saw the package and read the letters they received very intently!

Enjoy your weekend!  Make sure to join us on Monday for our Motivate Me Monday linky!

Motivate Me Monday 9.22.13

Happy Monday!  Time for a little motivation!

We had a math assessment last week where the students were asked to determine if 2 numbers were "equal" or "not equal."  Then, they had to use words or pictures to explain why.  

This kiddo used a picture to explain why; he chose a smiley face to describe "equal" and a sad face to describe "not equal."  If you ask me, I think that's a pretty clever description!  Any first grade teachers out there can relate to this for sure. 

Oh, the things little minds think of!  Have a super Monday (and week)!

Five for Friday {9.20.13}

It's up time!

This week our kids played "Splat!" which is our newest game in our store.  Splat is a game that can be played with cards or can be projected on your SMART Board!  If your kiddos need practice with their Number Sense skills, this game is GREAT!  Students determine 1 More / 1 Less and 10 More / 10 Less.  Both games (the card version and projector version) feature task cards for the number 1-20, 30-20, and 1-120.   Our kiddos have really enjoyed it!  For more information, click here

This week we introduced Read to Someone.  I don't know about your first grade kiddos, but ours LOVE this part of Daily 5!!!  They are very sweet reading together...

We worked on Main Idea this week.  Our students really enjoyed reading and listening to Nonfiction books!  This is one example of an anchor chart we made to demonstrate the importance of thinking about what they are learning before, during, and after they read; including the Main Idea and Supporting Details.

We have pen-pals this year and we are SO excited about it!  We have buddied up with Aylin and Amanda from Learning to the Core for this adventure! Our letters are done and are ready to be mailed!  

This year we are going to try to capture our student's interests and memories about them all through the year for a portfolio at the end of the year.  One of the ways we are doing this is by using these "At the Moment" pages.  Each month the students will fill out the same exact paper so the parents can see how their interests, but also their writing skills, have changed.  We are looking forward to having a nice little collection of memories to send home with each family!  

If you would like to start this tradition, the August/September page is FREE by clicking here.  

If you would like our "At the Moment"collection for the year, click here to be directed to our store.  

Finally, we're apart of the Fall Facebook Frenzy this weekend!  Come hop along and get lots of great Apple freebies!!  Have a SUPER weekend!

Mentor Text 9.15.13

Good Morning!  Today we are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky!  This week the theme is Science.  This worked out perfectly because our Reading lessons this week are going to focus on Nonfiction Text; specifically, finding the main idea and supporting details.  For this we are going to be using a variety of Nonfiction books; some of which include the Scholastic Science Vocabulary Readers.  We have a big collection of these in our classrooms and they generally are easier for the kiddos to follow compared to more difficult Nonfiction books in our collections and in the library.  

While working on Nonfiction text, we will use this graphic organizer to help our students "think"about the text as they read (or listen) to the books.  This graphic organizer includes determining the main idea and supporting details.  If you are working on Nonfiction text and need a graphic organizer, 
grab it here

Front side:
Back side:

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