Five for Friday 9.13.13

Happy Friday to all of you!  Here's a look at our week:

On Tuesday night we had Curriculum Night.  This is when parents come to hear all about first grade.  We had a good turnout and that was great.  Our students wrote letters to their parents and the parents wrote back to them (using an adorable template we got from Lucky to Be in First).  The parents were all very happy to have a letter from their sweetie pies.  

"Dear Mom and Dad, I love first grade.  I like my teacher.  I like my classroom.  I like specials."  

This week we worked on Story Elements during reading.  They were able to quickly understand this concept.  We had a lot of practice!
Sarah got this fun Story Elements puzzle from a previous co-worker.  The students talk about the book they read by putting the pieces of the puzzle back together.   We have them keep this in their Daily 5 book bins to use throughout the year.

This week we also launched Work on Writing.  Our kiddos were super excited about it and it went smoothly.  Next week we start Read to Someone.

We were busy, busy, busy conducting running records this week!  We are using a program on our iPads to do this so we are learning as we go.  As you know, running records are very time consuming!
Last week we had a giveaway for our newest product, 
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Have a super weekend!


  1. I love your parent letter templates for curriculum night! Such as smart idea :)

    Primary Buzz

    1. Thanks! One of them Is from Molly (Lucky to be in First). They worked out very well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm guessing you're using mClass? Hope it's going okay for you. The running records are kind of hard to get used to...not as easy as paper. But I didn't have many to do since most of my kinders are still working on Print Concepts and Reading Behaviors. Hope yours went quickly!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. Yep, mClass. We like aspects of it but it's taking some adjusting. The RR take awhile for higher readers. We hope to finish next week! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Those letters are so cute- it's such a nice idea for both parents and students! Have a great weekend!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core

  4. Those letters are adorable...I will grab them for our Curriculum Night on Thursday! :) Your Pumpkins, Apples, & Halloween pack looks great!!

    Have a super weekend!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

    1. Definitely! Your parents and kiddos will enjoy them! Thanks for your sweet comments!