Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday {9.20.13}

It's up time!

This week our kids played "Splat!" which is our newest game in our store.  Splat is a game that can be played with cards or can be projected on your SMART Board!  If your kiddos need practice with their Number Sense skills, this game is GREAT!  Students determine 1 More / 1 Less and 10 More / 10 Less.  Both games (the card version and projector version) feature task cards for the number 1-20, 30-20, and 1-120.   Our kiddos have really enjoyed it!  For more information, click here

This week we introduced Read to Someone.  I don't know about your first grade kiddos, but ours LOVE this part of Daily 5!!!  They are very sweet reading together...

We worked on Main Idea this week.  Our students really enjoyed reading and listening to Nonfiction books!  This is one example of an anchor chart we made to demonstrate the importance of thinking about what they are learning before, during, and after they read; including the Main Idea and Supporting Details.

We have pen-pals this year and we are SO excited about it!  We have buddied up with Aylin and Amanda from Learning to the Core for this adventure! Our letters are done and are ready to be mailed!  

This year we are going to try to capture our student's interests and memories about them all through the year for a portfolio at the end of the year.  One of the ways we are doing this is by using these "At the Moment" pages.  Each month the students will fill out the same exact paper so the parents can see how their interests, but also their writing skills, have changed.  We are looking forward to having a nice little collection of memories to send home with each family!  

If you would like to start this tradition, the August/September page is FREE by clicking here.  

If you would like our "At the Moment"collection for the year, click here to be directed to our store.  

Finally, we're apart of the Fall Facebook Frenzy this weekend!  Come hop along and get lots of great Apple freebies!!  Have a SUPER weekend!

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  1. We are SO excited to be your pen pals too! My little friends have asked me every single day since we wrote the letters if your letters came yet. :) Can't wait when I can say "they are here" next week! :)
    Happy weekend!
    Learning to the Core