Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday 9.6.13

TGIF!!!  Here's a peek at our week!

Last week we had a giveaway for our Reading and Math Homework packet.  We now have a winner!  The winner is: Malia! Congrats, Malia!  Enjoy!

We added a new product to our store this week!  Apples, Pumpkins, and Halloween Oh My! contains Fall inspired Language Arts and Math activities perfect for the cooler days ahead.  Math activities include; number representation, even / odd, 1 more / 1 less, adding, greater than / less than / equal to, shapes, number lines, and more!  Language Arts activities include; rhyming, Fiction text, Nonfiction text, sequencing, comparing / contrasting, opinion writing, a graphic organizer, and more!  This document is over 100 pages and is only $4.00!  Take a peak at our store to see more about it! 

We created this packet with black and white graphics so that it would not require colored ink.  We plan to print the activities on colored card stock.  Not sure about your school, but our resources are more limited this year than last (no color printing); so we are trying to be very conscientious about making things creative but also practical in terms of printing. 

If you are interested in this packet, enter our giveaway below!
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Our beginning of the year "kiddo made" hallway displays are now up! With both of these projects we were able to talk about how each of us being unique makes our class a special place to be! 

In Sarah's room, students each made a flower that represented them after reading the book Mrs. Spitzer's Garden.  This book is fabulous and we highly recommend it.  In fact, Sunday we just raved about when we linked up with Collaboration Cutie's for their Mentor Text linky.  

In Tamra's room, students each made a picture of themselves after reading the poem, Circle of Friends.  

We wrapped up a mini unit on "Central Message" this week.  We worked on determining the central message of a book, as well as, evaluated how the central message in each story could be applied in our own lives.  We read a lot of Kevin Henkes books for this because they definitely teach lessons that kiddos can relate to. We were very worried about teaching such a difficult strategy so early in the year, but it ended up working out in the end. 

Below are the anchor charts we used:

This was an "assessment" we used to determine student understanding (if you'd like a copy of this worksheet, click here):

This weekend we will be getting ready for Curriculum Night that takes place next week.  Curriculum Night at our school is a chance for parents to come to the classroom to hear all about first grade.  We speak about the curriculum, homework, field trips, expectations, etc.  To get ready, we need to complete this PowerPoint presentation that Ladybug Teacher Files gave away as a freebie this summer!  How great is that?!? We know it will be a big time saver for sure! 

We hope you have a super weekend!


  1. Hey girls! Love your blog and your new packet. Would one of you be able to e-mail me ? I have something to ask you. =)

  2. Amen to B/W packets! We don't have a color printer at school, so I love papers with line art!

    I am impressed with your central message work...not even sure my second graders would get it!

    1. Thank you; some of ours had a hard time with it too! It's difficult to teach!

  3. The hallway displays look great!

    Finding the central message is a challenging skill for my fourth graders. Your students did a great job with this!

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Fit to be Fourth
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  4. Such cute displays! I'm so impressed with the rigor your first graders are performing at! As a fourth grade teacher, thank you!!!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Thank you, Joanne! We appreciate your sweet comments!