Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday {10.25.13}

Happy Friday to all of you!

Here's a peek at our week:

We finished up our living organisms unit in Science this week.  The kiddos selected, researched, and created to end our study!
First, a mystery animal flip book:

Next, they did a very simple "research report" to glue onto the back:

Last, they made a habitat "diorama" complete with their animal made from Model Magic:

We also worked on verbs this week.  We used activities from our Monster Grammar unit.  Verbs are always a fun grammar skill to teach.  

This year both of our classes have pen pals from Amanda and Aylin's classes (over at Learning to the Core).  They were very excited to get their letters this week! This month we decided to put pictures of the kids on the letters so that they could "see" their pen pal.  This was a hit!  

Our kiddos LOVE Junie B. Jones!  Don't yours?!?  This summer we created reading response journals for us to use with each of the Junie B. First Grader books.  We created them to encourage students to respond to the text they have read or heard; but in a fun way!  They have been a big hit in our room!   Currently, we are working on the "Boo and I Mean It" book and journal.  

This weekend, we are offering our complete set of Junie B. Jones journals for 40% off!  There are 11 journals in all and each one is sure to make your kiddos smile! Make sure to stop by our store to take a look!

It has definitely cooled down where we live!  Yesterday we had an outdoor field trip and this is definitely not what we wanted to see on our phone for the day's temperature:
Good thing the sun was out to help warm us up (a tad)!  

We are ready for the weekend after a busy week!!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Looks like another fun week in your classrooms- those verb pictures are too cute! Just got your box of letters today- can't wait to show them to our little friends next week!
    Have a great weekend!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core