Mentor Text {10.13.13}

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Math!  We chose a book that we read this week (a gift from the book fair; yay!) called Russell the Sheep.  As a school we are trying very hard to integrate "real world math" into our lessons.  This book actually was a great fit for this task.  Russell is an adorable sheep (that is always "a little bit out of step with the rest of the flock") that can't get to sleep.  He tries a lot of tricks to fall asleep, none of which work.  So, he begins counting sheep!  This ends up doing the trick and he's able to sleep, and sleep, and sleep!

You may be wondering how this adorable book is a math text??? We made a class book after reading it to share how we use counting and numbers in our everyday lives; which is what Russell did!  Students each have a page in the book in which they draw pictures (and/or write words) about ways they use math/ counting/numbers throughout the day.  They turned out so cute!  We had some great ideas...numbers on the microwave, counting goals at soccer practice, the numbers on the remote, counting laps at recess, adding toys in a toy chest, etc.  They had a blast with this and we enjoyed seeing their creative use of math in their everyday lives!  If you'd like to try this with your class, click here for your FREEBIE! 

{Clip Art by Scrappin Doodles}

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  1. How adorable!! I love the illustration in this book! So cute!!! We are trying to make math real world applicable in 4th grade as well! (Why do we have to learn this?) I agree it's important for them to realize that numbers are everywhere and you will use them often!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. We always do a 'math about me' project at the start of the year, but now I know a great book to lead into it! (And bonus, our library has it!) Thanks for the idea!