Motivate Me Monday and Manic Monday Freebie {10.21.13}

Welcome to Motivate Me Monday!

We found this quote and think it's appropriate as we complete report cards and schedule parent teacher conferences.  Reminds us to think about how comments we write and things we say need to be worded in a way that parents understand you are with them in this journey! 

And, for our Manic Monday freebie...we are so happy to have our 2nd grade Math Bags done and for sale in our store.  We have 4 individual sets of 2nd grade Math Bags, as well as, the Complete Set of 2nd grade Math Bags for sale.
A little bit of information about 2nd Grade Math Bags from our TPT product description:

We have gotten GREAT feedback for our 1st Grade Math Bags and had a wonderful suggestion from a buyer to make a 2nd Grade set. So we did!

We have been using Math Bags for years and have seen a lot of great things come from them. When we created these, we wanted a system in which the students could work on independent math activities while we met with students in small groups. We didn’t want to...change math centers every week or 2 weeks OR use so much colored ink (which is often paid for by teachers!) these Math Bags are good to use for 9 weeks AND can be made with just a black and white printer / copy machine and colored card stock!

Basically, Math Bags are 12 math activities that can be done independently. We try to hit each strand within each set of Math Bags. Each Math Bag is designed so that it can be done by one student or in a pair of students. We want the Math Bags to be engaging but also at a skill level where students can work independently. The instruction pages were made in a kid friendly way (there are both words and pictures).

Click here to get a freebie of one of our 2nd Grade Math Bag activities (sorting task cards based on equal or not equal).

Thanks for stopping by and have a super week! 

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