Five for Friday 11.15.13

TGIF!  We hope you had a great week; here's a peek at ours:

We continued our work with Connections; specifically, how important our schema is while making connections. To illustrate this, we had students draw about things they know a lot about inside a silhouette.  We wanted them to have a visual that represented their schema, or knowledge unique to them.  

Do you have any great ideas to teach Connections?  We'd love to hear about them!

This week we started Opinion Writing.  Our kiddos have really enjoyed it.  We have talked about using evidence to support your opinion.  While reading the book, The Fine, Fine School, we had the students form an opinion about what the principal should do (in the story the principal loved school so much he began having the kids go to school on the weekends and holidays).   They had to give specific reasons for their opinion; should the principal let the kids have a break or not?  If you haven't read The Fine, Fine School, it's definitely a great read!  If you'd like a free copy of this writing prompt, click here.

We also worked on adjectives this week; always a fun topic!  Our kiddos have enjoyed grammar this year and we are happy with the way they are applying what they know! 

We are linking up with Molly over at Lucky in First for her Freebies on the Fifteenth linky.  We have been using our Fall packet a lot lately and plan to finish it up before Thanksgiving break.  One of the activities we will be completing is a "My Thankful Family" booklet.  If you'd like a copy, click here.  It's sure to be a hit with your kiddos!

This week we added a new product to our store! You've heard us talk about Math Bags before here and here if you're a blog reader!  We decided to make Math Bags for Kindergarden after the feedback we've received from our 1st Grade Math Bags and 2nd Grade Math Bags.   When we create Math Bags we align them with Common Core standards, make them kid friendly, and try to make them as painless for teachers as possible! Math Bag time in our classrooms allow us to meet with small groups and/or individuals to remediate or enrich; as the kiddos we are not meeting with are engaged in their Math Bag activities.  We have had great luck with them!  So far, we have 3 sets of Kindergarden Math Bags listed in our store.  We plan to have all the sets and the bundle (all 4 sets together) up this weekend.

Set 1

Set 3

Set 4

Have a SUPER weekend! 


  1. Yay! I love your freebie! Thanks so much for sharing (and linking up!) I hope you have some fabulous plans this weekend!

    Lucky to Be in First