Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday 11.22.13

It's FRIDAY!!!

Here's a peek at our week!

This was our last week to work on Connections.  We focused on Connecting with Characters.  We read several of the Frog and Toad books, which the kiddos loved!  They enjoyed hearing about their adventures!  We talked about the importance of thinking about the actions, feelings, and thoughts of characters in the books we read.  To practice this, we gave students pictures from a Frog and Toad book and had them write what they thought the character's feelings were based on the illustration and the things that they know about the characters in general.  This lesson worked out very well.  

"Toad get out of bed, it's Spring!"

"Come on Toad, let's play Toad!" 

We also compared and contrasted Frog and Toad in efforts to connect with the characters more.  We used a "top hat" graphic organizer.  If you'd like a free copy of this activity, click here

If you have any ideas to share about Connections, join us below!  

You can tell it's almost Thanksgiving around here for sure!  This week we worked on "Number Representation Turkeys."  Students were assigned a number and they represented the number a variety of ways on the feathers.   They turned out very cute.  

We also made a Thanksgiving quilt.  Each student wrote what they were thankful for on their quilt square.

We continued our work with Opinion Writing this week.  After reading the book Spoon (which is ADORABLE), the students wrote an opinion piece about which piece of silverware they'd want to be and why.  They turned out so cute.  To learn more about the book Spoon and to get a free copy of this activity, click here.  

"I'd be chopsticks because you can make a kabob and you can pick up things to eat."

"I'd be a fork because you can pick up steak and I can stab macaroni and cheese."

Last but not least…a sale announcement!  Join us next Friday for a Black Friday event!  Make sure to "friend" us on Facebook to get all the information you'll need!

Have a super weekend and Happy Thanksgiving (a few days early!)

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