Five for Friday {1.17.14}

Happy Friday!!  We've had so much fun celebrating our Blog/TpT Anniversary this past week!  Thanks to everyone who has joined in with us!!  And don't worry, the fun is not over yet!  Tomorrow will be a day of GREAT deals on our favorite products.  Follow us on FB to find out when the deals are happening!

Science Fun!  We've been all about rocks this week!  To kick off our new unit, we went for a rock dig, or should we say chocolate dig!!  Our kiddos had a great time digging out chocolate chips from their cookies.  And of course they loved munching a cookie when they were through with their dig!

Here is a fun rock FREEBIE!
 Here is a FREEBIE for helping kiddos create their own rock collection!

We continued our work with nonfiction texts this week.  The kiddos have continued to LOVE looking through the nonfiction book collection we've created in our rooms.  Our school librarian has gotten a nice collection of Easy Reader Nonfiction books.  They are SO perfect for our firsties!!  We talked about the difference between Nonfiction and Fiction, learned about text features, and did some compare and contrast.  We wrapped up the week with a partner project making nonfiction posters.
 (This was a fun Pinterest idea to have kiddos find fiction and nonfiction books in Scholastic Book Order forms.)

The kiddos used these recording sheets during Daily 5 while reading nonfiction texts independently.
These partner groups used a Scholastic News with their recording sheet!
We just finished fancying up our Valentine Pack!  It is a fun mini pack of fun activities to use on Valentine's Day in the classroom...great for independent or partner centers on this special day (when you know the kiddos will be more excited and wiggly than usual).

Click the pic below to grab a freebie from the pack!

Shapes!  We've begun our new math unit on Shapes.  Here are few things we've done so far:
 Here is the FREEBIE for this!
And last Sunday we shared this fun class book.
Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Happy week of your Blogiversary girls! I sure am glad that we started this journey around the same time- love being blogging buddies with you!!! :)
    Learning to the Core

  2. Happy Anniversary girls!
    I absolutely LOVE your unit on Rocks! Is that a new CCSS objective? If so, I better get crackin' and get some rocks of my own!
    Thanks for the sweet freebies too!
    First Grade Critter Cafe

    1. Thanks, Julie! We teach 4 science units a year which are determined by the county we teach for; rocks happen to be one of them! We hope you are doing well!