Five for Friday {2.14.14}
Hello!  We've had another exciting weather week!

We have a special announcement!!  Tamra's baby girl is here!!  Join us at our TpT store to celebrate with a sale!

We had our 100th Day!!!  It took a bit longer this year with our snow days, but we made it.  It's funny to tell them they STILL have to come back to school after the 100th many of our firsties think they're done after day 100. Silly!  We celebrated with LOTS of centers with 100.  Here are some things we did!

We always love seeing these 100th day projects!

Sarah's class had a Donor's Choose project funded.  Her class got 2 iPod Touches to use in the classroom.  So far, the kiddos have had fun doing some QR code activities.  Our good buddies Amanda and Aylin over at Learning to the Core have some great QR activities...and several are FREE!  Sarah's class has used this one so far:
Click the pic to grab it for FREE from Amanda's store!
They also loved taking pictures of some of the things they created during the 100th day!


We don't have any pics to share from our Valentine's fun because we've been out with snow days for the past 3 days!!  So our Valentine's Day is looking a bit more white than red this year!  We'll be having a belated Valentine's celebration on Monday!  Hope you have a very *sweet* weekend!


  1. YAY! A baby girl! Enjoy her each and every day. We still haven't reached our hundredth day because of all our snow days :( I know my sweet first graders are sad they are not in school today to celebrate Valentine's Day. Of course we will do it when we return. Have a great weekend. Maria

    1. Thank you! Snow days have kept things interesting for sure!

  2. Congrats on the new baby girl! What fun! I'm in NC, too. We got out early on Monday (snow) Started late on Tuesday (snow) and have been out for the last three days- makes blogging about teaching challenging. :) We were supposed to have Saturday school tomorrow, but apparently it may snow more tonight (?) Glad I found your blog. I will be back!


    Always Adapting

    1. Yay for NC bloggers! Making up snow days is no fun!

  3. I just saw your post on the Who's Who blog and loved your Prove Yourself writing and decided to become your newest follower. Can't wait to read more.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  4. Congratulations on your new arrival! Hope all is well.
    School Is a Happy Place