FIve for Friday {2.21.14}
Hello all!  Whew!  What a week!  A full week after a week of snow days is EXHAUSTING!  We're so glad it is FRIDAY!  So this was the week of making up what we missed during the snow days and smooshing in all the things we need to finish this month, but didn't get to start.  Huh, maybe that is why we are so tired?!

We had belated Valentine Celebrations in our classrooms!  On Monday, we had to make our Valentine envelopes to collect cards, pass out cards, and of course, open the cards!! 
Our kiddos had a GREAT time using our scavenger hunt sheet with their Valentine's! 

We dug into our Balance and Motion science unit!  We've already worked through balance and now we're wrapping up motion.  It's been a speedy unit!
Our kiddos are having fun exploring with their tops.  

Here the kiddos are exploring motion by dropping "twirlers" to see how they move on the way down.  Visit our Mentor Text post from Sunday for a fun Balance and Motion FREEBIE!

We made "geo creations" with 3-D shapes.  We asked parents to send in items that were cones, cylinders, and rectangular prisms.  Then the kiddos use them to create.  Our kiddos worked in small teams.  It was so fun to see how they collaborated with each other.  The group below created a rocket.  In the picture, they are creating a graph with the number of each shape they used.
In reading, we worked on Summarizing.  We started using the summarizing hands (seen in the pic).  We read aloud and then all used the hands to summarize the story.  These hands will go in book boxes next, so we wanted kiddos to be familiar with using them correctly.  Then the kiddos worked on filling out an organizer on their own.  This story, Widget, is SUPER for summarizing!!  It lends itself SO well to the summarizing prompts (someone, wanted, but, so, then).  You can grab the hand template in an older blog post here.

FREEBIE alert!!  We're part of the FB Free for All this weekend!  Come join us on our FB page to grab our special freebie!
 You can grab an EXCLUSIVE St. Patrick's Version Day Math Bag center.  There is a center for each grade level: K, 1, 2.  And if you already have our St. Pat's Math Bag worries!  This is a NEW center!!

Here is the direct link to our FB page:

Here is a link to the map of all participants (and more great freebies!):


  1. I love that Summarizing hand. I think that will be great for my 1st and 2nd graders (I teach resource, and we work on comprehension and retelling LOTS). I hope you guys have a great week. We had a full week PLUS Saturday to make up for snow. No more snow days, please!

    Always Adapting

    1. Super! We hope it works well I'm your class!