Five for Friday {2.7.14}

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here's a peek into our week!

This week we worked on inferring.  This is such a fun reading strategy to teach!  
We LOVE the Mystery Box pack from Abby Mullins!

This book had us inferring who left moose tracks all over the house.  It has a great surprise twist at the end!  We used the inferring sheet that Tamra shared a few weeks back for Mentor Text.  You can grab it here!

In this fun book we were using our inferring skills to figure out the "alien" words in the book.

We were back to normal!!  After about a month of mid year assessments in January followed by 4 snow days in a row, it was so nice to be back to our normal routine working with kiddos in our guided reading groups. 

And we are all set to celebrate our 100th Day on Monday!  Check back next week and we'll share more specifics about what activities we enjoyed on this special day!

Hey!  You can grab these FREE center sign templates here!

We had a planning day earlier this week; we got the whole day to work as a team on third quarter plans.  It's so nice to have such a big chunk of time to hash things out!  Pinterest sure makes it easier to gather ideas for books, activities, and anchor charts.  We created some new boards with the goodies we found for our upcoming units!

Did you shop on Sunday during the Super Bowl?!? We were pretty excited that Ashley Hughes had her store on sale; we are big fans of her work!  We purchased her Mega Alphabet Sets and we have been so pleased!!!

Have a SUPER weekend! 


  1. Love all of your resources for inferring! Will definitely be using them to reinforce this! :) I can totally relate to number two- our little first graders seem to thrive on routine (and I must say I do enjoy it too!) so I am excited to be able to have a full week to get back into a routine with my friends (seems like we haven't had that since December!) PS that alphabet bundle looks adorable!

    Learning to the Core

    1. Inferring is a fun skill to teach for sure ! Have s good week!