Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mentor Text 2.9.14

Happy Sunday!
Today we are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Math.  This is an easy one for us as this week we celebrate our 100th Day of School!  Kiddos in first grade really "get into" this type of thing.  We have several favorite 100th Day books, but today we are highlighting the book, 100 Days of School.  In this book, the kiddos look at all the ways to make 100 in many creative ways.  We like this book because it celebrates 100 Days and allows for students to think about math at the same time! 

If you'd like to have your kiddos practice addition with "decade numbers" within 100, click here for this fun FREE math center…

graphics by ASHLEY HUGHES 

We also have FREE 100th Day center signs; click here for them.

AND FREE 100th Day exercise cards; click here for them. 

Happy 100th Day!


  1. This looks so fun! We already had our 100th day but I didn't know about this book! It looks like you guys are going to have a great 100th day!!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Definitely a fun time of year!

  2. The true/false cards are a great simple math center! Thank you for sharing. I found you through Manic Mondays.

  3. Hi! I really like the true/false sort! Thank-you! Happy 100th day to you!
    Not very fancy