Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade {March Blog Hop}

Hello all!  We are excited to be be participating in the March blog hop, Trade and Grade.  We always love the opportunity to try out new products and this time in was no exception!  We swapped products with Amanda and Aylin over at Learning to the Core.   Amanda and Aylin are a "2 person blog team" like us!  We were so pleased with the products they sent over for us to try out and we are happy to share a glimpse into the products with you!

Up first… 
Find Someone Who created by Amanda 

(click here to check it out on TpT!)

Our kiddos LOVED this activity!  Included in this pack, there are 30 versions of the game, Find Someone Who.  The best part…they are all about math!  Below is an example of one of the pages…
"Find Someone Who understands that the two digits in a two-digit number represents amounts of tens and ones."  The variety of math concepts included is GREAT; exactly what we need to review all the skills we've been and will be teaching!

The kiddos walk around the room, looking for a friend that can fill in their chart with the correct answer.  Our classrooms were full of actively engaged "math thinkers" during this activity.

The kiddos LOVE "signing" their name when they've answered a question!  It was neat to hear their conversations about the answers they were writing.  

Topics included in the pack are Common Core based and range from place value to missing addends.  Each of the activity pages has the important "I can…" statements which is great!

  This activity encourages math talk and collaboration…as well as movement!  
What more can you ask for???

If you'd like to try this out, click here or on the icon below for a FREEBIE (5 "Find Someone Who" activity pages included).

Next up…
(click here to check it out on TpT!)

Constructing Readers is a packet that will provide you with Guided Reading resources for the whole year!  Using the theme of construction workers, Amanda created resources that show students they have to "build" their reading knowledge to become better readers.  Included in this packet is materials to prepare "Reading Toolbox" kits for your kiddos,  28 "Thinking Question Cards," and 21 graphic organizers.  The best part…the packet included materials that address "within," "beyond," and "about the text" questions.  
Our kiddos enjoyed the question cards, we found that they became a nice reminder of the questions we would be looking to answer as we were reading.  The graphic organizers were easy to follow and allowed the students to show evidence of their thinking.  

This packet is sure to keep your kiddos actively engaged in their reading, both during a guided reading setting but also during independent work or while at a center. 

If you'd like to try this out, click here or on the icon below for a FREEBIE (sample question cards and a variety of graphic organizers are included). 

We promise you will not be disappointed with either of the great products we reviewed for this blog hop.  Amanda and Aylin are wonderful at making products that are relevant and based on Common Core standards and current expectations of our learners.  

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