Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday 4.25.14


Here's a peek at our week:

We started our week with this fun Earth Day project:

Our Flat Stanley's are still coming back!  The kiddos always love to see his adventures!

We learned about homophones this week.  Homophones are always fun to teach.  We made these fun flip books to show homophones.  

This book is great for teaching homophones:

We had a trip to the science museum on Thursday.  The kiddos had a blast.  There was so much to see and fun things to interact with.    

Our kiddos are loving our Prove Yourself math journal prompts.  They are great for providing evidence while solving math problems (which our kiddos really needed practice with).

 After reading a math statement, the students decide if it is true or false and their reasoning for their answer.

Have a GREAT weekend! 

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