Five for Friday 5.16.14

Hello there!  It's Friday…time to take a peek at our week!

We started our Fraction unit in math this week.  We both enjoy teaching fractions and the kiddos love this unit every year.  We created this fun True / False sort to practice fourths, halves, and thirds.  If you'd like a free copy, click HERE!  

Head on over to Lucky to be in First for more fun freebies!

Our kiddos had fun with "Sound Writing" this week!  We gave them sound cards and they had to create a writing piece using that sound.  First graders can get pretty creative!!

One of our favorite products this year has been our Junie B. Reading Response Journals.  We created a journal for each of the Junie B. First Grader books.  Our kiddos have LOVED them!  They provide an opportunity for us to use our read aloud time for comprehension practice.  After a lot of modeling and practice together, our kiddos can work on their journals independently and do a great job!  

You'll have to check them out for your classroom...

We are working hard to get ready for our Student Led Conferences (which we call a Learning Celebration).  We have been putting portfolios together, getting games prepared, completing projects to show to all the families, etc!  You can read all about our Learning Celebration HERE!  

This week we started our End of Year assessments.  This entailed a lot of time on the iPad and sitting!  We are worn out!  Does anyone else think testing wears them out more than teaching?!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. I love student led conferences! I am sending a link to my daughter so she can see your binder portfolios! I no longer have a homeroom so I don't do conferences anymore (not sad about that)! Have a great weekend!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Love the fraction cards- great for a review before our end-of-year benchmark tests. Thanks for sharing:-)