Five for Friday 5.9.14

It's Friday…time to take a peek at our week!

We sure enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week! Our kiddos spoiled us with cards, school supplies, treats, and more!  

Look at this fun poster one of our room moms made, isn't it clever?!

We are still working on Questioning.  This week we discussed Thick vs. Thin questions.  Our kiddos enjoyed using "Thick Question Cards" in their Daily 5 buckets; especially when they worked with a partner!

It's measurement time in Math!  Like many of you we focus on non standard units of measurement.

Our students used inch worms to measure a variety of objects that we had put in bags ahead of time...
The inch worm measurement freebie can be found HERE.

Our students also used dog bones to measure pictures hanging around the room based on the book, Measuring Penny (which is SUPER!)…

The dog bone freebie can be found over at School Is a Happy Place (HERE).  

  A sweet friend at my previous school taught me to make these cute little flowers for Mother's Day and I've made them with my class ever since.  

They also answer questions about their moms:

We are starting to get our End of the Year Fun stuff ready!  This packet has over 20 fun activities (Reading, Writing, Language, and Math) that will keep your kiddos engaged and provide great review of 1st grade skills. 

Speaking of end of the year,  we made this quick freebie for you to use with your kiddos to reflect on this year and prepare for summer! Click HERE to get your copy!

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S.  We are the bloggers today over at Who's Who and Who's New blog…check it out!

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  1. Love the little Mother's Day craft with the fork! Would love to see steps to do this for next year!