Sunday Smorgasbord 6.22.14

Good Morning!  We are linking up with Fabulous in First!

We are sure enjoying summer!  Time for work and play!  We have been busy working on a few TpT projects.  Today we wanted to share one of those with you. 

This year we  felt we were lacking a way for students to work on reading passages and responding to the text in an independent fashion.  We decided to make packets that include a passage and several activities to go with it that students can work on throughout the week.  We believe these packets can be used a variety of ways; whole group, small group, and independently.  

Each packet includes (there are 30 packets in all):

a story and comprehension questions (there are fiction and non fiction passages):

3 graphic organizers (there are a variety of graphic organizers and they cycle through the passages including; mental images, inferring, connections, plot, story elements, vocabulary, etc):

True / False sort:

A Sequencing activity cut / paste activity (for fiction passages):

A Main Idea OR How To cut / paste activity (for non fiction passages): 

Now Meet "Print a Packet" for Second Grade (the 2nd grade pack is a bit more in depth; the passages are longer and the questions / response pages require more text evidence):

Each packet includes (there are 30 packets in all):

a passage and comprehension questions (there are fiction, non fiction, poems, informational included):

"Using the Text as Evidence"

"Understanding the Text" (various graphic organizers)

"Dictionary Dig" and "Take a Closer Look at the Text"

How'd you like to try a FREE SAMPLE PACKET from each grade level?  Click HERE if you'd like to give these packets a try!  

And the GOOD NEWS is…through tonight these packets are HALF PRICE!!!

And one more note to pass along!  Do you like freebies? If so,  make sure to "follow" us on TpT!  Soon we will be sending special Buddy Bonuses to our followers!! 

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Hello!
    I've just downloaded the sample and then bought the first grade pack - thank you - it looks great!

    Quick question - after it downloaded, when I went to save it to my computer it asked for an owner password and won't let me save it to my computer until I enter this. Am I not able to save it?

    Thanks again!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. Hello there, Thank you for your purchase! You should be able to save the file. You just can't copy and past images from the document. Please email us if you are still having trouble!