Five for Friday {9.19.14}

We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for our five things!

We worked finding the Main Idea while reading this week.  Since kiddos love reading about all things science, they usually love these activities!

Word Work is up and running (so much closer to full Daily 5!!!)!

Math Bags are also up and running now!  We are so glad to have work our kiddos can do independently so that we can work with small groups on math skills!

We have blogged about Math Bags  A LOT!!  You can read all about them HERE (including a few freebies to try!)!  Math Bags are one of our biggest sellers because they are teacher friendly, student friendly, and printer friendly (and economical too…30+ centers for just over $10!)!

We have Math Bags for:

Need a good book to teach your kiddos about keeping the classroom clean?  Have you ever read Pigsty?  It's a must read.  The kiddos love it and so do we!
"I learned that it is not so good to have a messy room."
"You have to keep your room clean." 

TRC's are D.O.N.E!!!  Now we look forward to starting our Reading Groups!!!  

For Reading Groups we plan to use our Reading Mini Packs

and our {Text Evidence} product! 

What are your plans for reading groups this year?

We hope you have a great weekend!!  

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