Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday 9.26.14

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here's a quick peek at our week!

Our kiddos are LOVING Read to Someone!  Don't you wish Daily 5 would've been around when we were all kids?  I would've loved nothing more than to read with friends in class!

We started our Print a Packet reading comprehension packs this week.  We designed these so that each week we would have a packet that contained one story and several activities that students could work on throughout the week; both with us during small group instruction and also during D5 time. 

We blogged about our Print a Packet's HERE!

You can find them in our store: 

HERE for First Grade

and HERE for Second Grade 

Apples, Apples, we all scream for Apples!  Apple tasting is always a hit.  We tried apples, applesauce, apple juice, and apple cereal bars!  

Here is a freebie we shared last Fall we use while the kiddos enjoy their apple treats!

Have you ever read The Important Book?  It's great for teaching Main Idea!  The book tells the important parts of simple everyday objects.  Our kiddos did the same thing:
 "The important thing about a horse is that it is brown and you can ride it."
"The important thing about a chair is brown and you sit on it."

We've been working on incorporating Interactive Notebooks into the classroom.  The kiddos love them and we do too....just wish they didn't take so long for the kiddos to get the pages in their notebooks!  Does it get easier??  Any suggestions to help us build a routine for assembling Interactive Notebook pages?  We'd love some tips!!

Have a SUPER weekend!!

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  1. A few tips. I cut out as much of the page as I can, so that they just have to trim. Glue Sponges, they are amazing. Also, when it comes to coping or writing notes, I set the timer. When they have a deadline they go faster and work more. I also give them a chance to finish their notes later if they didn't make it in time.