#foursquarefridays {11/14/14}

Hello there!  We have had a busy week!  

We loved how our number representation turkeys turned out!  Our students enjoyed showing their "secret number" multiple ways!

Have you ever read the book, Spoon?  If not…make sure you do!  It is SO CUTE!  We like using it to introduce opinion writing.  This week the kiddos answered the prompt, "If you were a piece of silverware, which piece would you be and why?"  There were clever responses (as you can imagine).  If you'd like to try this out in your class, CLICK HERE, for a free copy!

"I want to be a knife.  I want to cut cake.  I can smear stuff."

We finished up our adjectives unit this week.  The kiddos enjoyed drawing their self portraits and using adjectives to describe themselves.  We love using our Monster Grammar unit to teach all of the first grade Common Core grammar concepts.  

Last, but not least, our kiddos have worked hard on their Prove Yourself journal prompts.  We use our Math Prove Yourself and ELA Prove Yourself packets to encourage our students to explain their thinking and provide evidence in a fun way. 

This is one prompt, "7 ten sticks and 8 cubes equal 87," answered 2 ways:
Top:  "I think this is false because it is switched around."
Bottom:  "I think this is false because 7 tens and 8 ones equals 78 not 87."

A few ELA examples:
The prompt was, "Which is best, a pen or pencil?"
"I think a pencil is best because you can erase and with a pen you can not erase."

The prompt was, "Which is best, a wagon or a bike?"
"I think a wagon is best because you can carry stuff, you can carry your kids, you can deliver pizza."

Providing evidence is so important and a hard skill, we love having a fun way to practice it! 


Want to give these a try?  Check out this FREEBIE Sample!

Have a great weekend!  

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  1. Hi! I have just happened to stumble upon your lovely blog, and I absolutely love it! I am an elementary education student, and will be student teaching next Fall. I love how creative you both are with your lesson planning - it seems like your classrooms would be very engaging and entertaining places! I have never read the book Spoon before, but I have full intentions on reading it and exploring its possibilities when it comes to opinion writing. Thank you so much for sharing your adorable 1st grade activities!