We made it! Happy Holidays!

Hi there!  We made it…winter break is officially here! Here's what we were up to as we finished our last week before break:
1. We gave our kiddos their own clipboards as their Christmas gift!  They are always a hit!  After getting their clipboards, many kiddos write us thank you notes using it - so cute!  We also have many parents email telling us how much their kiddos LOVE the clipboards - this year a parent said it even motivated her kiddos to get his homework done right away!
2. We found this really neat wrapping paper from Joann's that the kiddos could color themselves.  They were occupied for quite some time!  We used it to wrap our parent gifts.
3. We are all ready to start our Non Fiction Unit when we return in the new year!
4.  We're planning to gift you with some fun freebies this coming week!  See more below!

We will have 3 exciting freebies for you to try out in your classrooms!  Join us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

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  1. Hi girls!
    That non fiction board of yours looks amazing! Your kiddos sure will be learning a whole lot about text features- love it!
    Hope break is off to a great start!
    Aylin :)
    Learning to the Core