#foursquarefridays {1.23.15} and a NEW PRODUCT!!

TGIF Everyone!

It's been a fast week for us!  We had Monday and Tuesday off which meant our Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were jam packed!  

Here's a peek at our week:

1.  We are so excited about our newest product, "Math Bags TO GO!"  Math Bags are one of our best sellers (and favorite product to use in our own classrooms).  We had many requests for recording sheets for the Math Bags  (Math Bags are "paperless," only requiring the sorting cards, etc).  We decided to give them a try, thus Math Bags TO GO came about.  Math Bags TO GO contain recording sheets / worksheets for each of the Math Bags in the Complete Sets.  They are made to look identical to the Math Bag activities…same problems, same wording, same directions!  They can be used with Math Bags but also can be used as an assessment tool, for whole group / small group instruction, homework, etc.!  We feel they are versatile.
Check them out!!  Here is a FREE Sampler of each grade level!
KG Math Bags TO GO coming soon!
1st Grade Math Bags TO GO:
2nd Grade Math Bags TO GO:

To see how Math Bags TO GO compliment the Original Math Bag centers, check out this FREE Sample!

2.  We learned about MLK Jr. this week. We always love the sweet things the kiddos say about MLK and his dream for our world. 

3.  Our kiddos our loving our shape unit.  One of the fun things we have them do is make a "Shape Creation" using pattern blocks. 

4.  We are wrapping up our TRC's and continuing to work on Nonfiction.  Our kiddos enjoy reading Nonfiction so much.  It's neat to hear them talk about the facts they have learned with their friends.  

Join us to share about your week using #foursquarefridays!  It's easy and a great way to connect with other teachers!

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