#foursquarefridays {2.20.15} (including a Snow Day freebie!)

Happy Friday to everyone!

We only had school on Monday…snow days the rest of the week!  So, we've had a nice week full of cuddles with the kiddos and pups, time to work on TpT projects, and time to catch up on favorite shows!  

Here's a peek into our (really short) week:

1.  When we get back to school next week, we plan to recap our Snow Days with this fun set of writing prompts.  If you'd like a FREE copy, click HERE!

2.  We did get a Summarizing lesson in on Monday before we left for the week, CRAZY!!  We love using this Summarizing Hand to retell the stories that we read.

  If you'd like a FREE COPY of the Summarizing Hand, you can grab it HERE!
Some of our favorite books to use when teaching Summarizing include:

3.  Our kiddos loved making "Geo Creations" out of the 3D shapes they brought from home…trash into "treasures!"  Once they created their "treasures," they graphed how many of each shape they used to complete their Geo Creation!

4.  We've been busy, busy, busy finishing up a few products this week!  We've added 2 more of our Print a Standards to our collection!  These packets have become one of our favorite classroom additions.  We use them in all sorts of ways and the kiddos love the fact that they can be successful because the formatting is very similar across the standards.  We now have a packet for each of the OA standards on TpT,  all of the NBT standards are on TpT, and we are working on finishing up each of the MD and G standards {as we speak!}.

Print a Standard for OA.5

Print a Standard for OA.8

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It's fun and EASY!!

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