#foursquarefridays {2.6.15}

We hope you had a great week! If you are like us, you celebrated your 100th day so you are worn out!  

Check out our week {#foursqurefridays style!}:

1.  Thursday was our 100th Day!  Our kiddos loved the 100th Day centers.  They did so many fun things; stacking 100 cups, building with 100 Lego's, finding 100 pennies, building 100 piece puzzles,  and on and on!  Lots with 100!

2.  Each year we ask our kiddos to bring in a "100th Day Project."  We always enjoy seeing the creative ideas!  

3.  Valentine's Day will be here before we know it.  Our kiddos worked on quotation marks using candy hearts.  Cute to read about who "they love."  

Speaking of Valentine's Day, we have a packet of quick and easy Math and LA Valentine's Day activities for your kiddos to enjoy in our store!  The activities were a big hit last year in our classrooms!

4.  We are working on our Buddy Bonus for February! If you're not a TpT follower yet…make sure to head on over to our store to become one.  We send a fun freebie each month!  This month are making a Valentine's Day edition of our Print a Standard pack! 

Join us for our our IG #linkyparty #foursquarefridays to share about your week!

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