Celebrating a Year of Growth {Student Led Conferences}

A couple of years ago we started something we call Learning Celebrations in our classrooms...think student led conferencing.  We hold the Learning Celebrations in our classroom at the end of the school year and invite parents to come in to take a look at all the great work we've done ALL YEAR! Parents and students alike get a great deal out of this event; the students work on their speaking, presenting, and sharing skills and the parents get to sit back and enjoy seeing how much growth their kiddo has made in one year's time.  It's win-win.  We can't imagine end of year conferences any other way now!

Let's take a look at what we do!

1.  Students share their portfolios with their parents.  Portfolios contain 3 main things:

Writing Samples // a collection of writing samples across all the types of writing we teach

At the Moment pages // a page of questions that students answer each month 

"Just Fun Stuff" // work samples that we keep that are clever, unique, or just fun

You can see an example of a portfolio here:

2.  Students read a book to their guests.  We print and prepare a book from Reading A-Z for each kiddo that is on their reading level.  The bookmark (found HERE for free) you see in the picture contains questions that their parents can ask them about the text.  

3.  Students play a math game with their guests. The added bonus: each child takes home this game and several others (as well as dice) for summer practice.  

4.  Next up, students show their guests their animal habitat project {we blogged all about these  HERE}.  This is usually the kiddos' favorite part!

Hope you are finding fun ways to celebrate student learning in your classroom! 


  1. I love this. Quick question, do any of the students' parents not come? If so, what do you do?

  2. Hello! This happens at times, but not near as much as you would think. The kiddos still take their products home regardless of if their parents come or not. Since it's after school, we don't have the issue of just one kiddo sitting alone with no parents (which would be so sad, of course).


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