Monday, May 4, 2015

New Look…New Blog…New Product (that's free for a short time!!)

Hello Buddies!

We wanted to share fun news with all of you!  We have a new blog design AND we are now our own ".com,"  We worked with Kristin from Taz and Belly.  She was AMAZING!!  We asked her to keep our colors and general look the same, but we also wanted a new, polished look!  We think she did a GREAT job.  She answered a million questions and we are so happy with everything!  Thanks, Kristin, you'll forever be our "buddy!"  

To celebrate our new look, we have a fun  new product we'd like to share with you!  At the beginning of this school year, we started creating Print a Standard packs for Math. We made a pack for each of the CC strands.  These have been a hit in our store and our classrooms alike!  So…we decided to tackle ELA Print a Standard packs.  Our first one, RL 1.1 will be FREE for one week!  We'd love to get some feedback to see if you all think the ELA version would be useful in the classroom as the Math versions have been!  Click HERE to head to our store to grab it while it's free!  We have several of the RL Print a Standards complete, you'll have to check those out too!

We've also been busy working on a Seasonal Version of our Emergent Reading Passages with Text Evidence Responses.  Now you can grab the whole set in our store!

You can grab a FREE set for June on our FB page!


  1. ooooh! I just love the new look- too cute! It truly is an updated version of your original blog! Off to download that Print a standard... :)