Thursday, June 25, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream

Hi all!  This week we're joining in the challenge to share some dreams we have for our TpT endeavors. 

We love making resources that we can use in our own classrooms!  A majority of our ideas to make resources come right from the classroom.  Since we work together, we are always chatting about ways to improve the output we get from our kiddos.  If we see a skill area lacking, we try to make a resource to fill the gap.  Then, we like to put our resource in action and have them be "classroom tested!"  Gathering feedback from kiddos and parents is so useful too!  
We also love sharing our resources with other teachers.  It's powerful to see how we can help other teachers to make their classrooms more engaging, fun, and organized!
We have enjoyed following and learning from SO many other teachers from all over!  Between blogging and social media, there are so many great ideas to grab for our own classrooms.  It is great to see what is happening in classrooms across the country!

We've loved seeing how we can continue to grow professional through our time blogging and creating resources.  We've already been able to share some of our resources around school and have been so proud to hear how they have contributed to the success of other students - not just our own kiddos!  We're looking forward to sharing more of our ideas and resources next year in on-site professional development opportunities.

Speaking of sharing...we're planning a BIG TpT Follower Freebie for July!  Make sure to follow our store so you can get our July newsletter.  We're sharing a FREE product from our store! 

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  1. The connecting really has been the best part of the TpT journey! I hope your TpT store continues to see success.