Summer Throwback: Remembering Fun Times From Last School Year

Hi all!  Today we're sharing about our Spring Time Egg Hunt.  This is a fun activity for the classroom that not only fits the season, but adds in some academics too!  Since our Spring Break falls around the beginning of Spring and Easter, this activity has always helped the kiddos to have fun during that exciting time, but keep them grounded with academic questions to work out.  Plus, our kiddos usually do an egg hunt in Kindergarten and seem to expect on in 1st grade.  This helps us to be "fun," even though we can't always have the same fun as in Kindergarten.

We start with filling the eggs.  To make sure kiddos always get a new question to answer, we number the eggs.  So during the hunt the kiddos will go looking for eggs by number.  This helps slow the kiddos down too ;).  We pair the kiddos up and plan for 11 pairs.  We have them do 12 questions, so we needed 132 eggs (11x12).  We number the eggs; so we put the number 1 on eleven eggs.  It can be confusing at first, but if you organize it this way, the egg hunt will run very smoothly in class!

We get the question strips from our Spring Pack.
There are Math, ELA, and Science questions all with a Spring Theme!  Eggs 1-4 get Math questions, Eggs 5-8 get ELA questions, Eggs 9-12 get science questions.  Once the eggs are numbered and stuffed,  it's time to hide the eggs!

The kiddos are always SO eager to get started hunting!!  They've got to find an egg with number 1 on it to start the hunt.  When they find that egg, they open it to take out their first question.

 Once partners find their egg and get out their question, they read it and provide an answer on the back of the paper strip.  Kiddos need to bring their question to us to be checked before they can start to look for a new egg.

Check out a video here to see the egg hunt in action!

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